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Resources for Older Teens


The gruesome details, history, and opportunities to remedy the injustices as well as more mature examples of handling the situations well through Literature. 


A Liberating Conversation About Abortion and Women’s Health

• Principle: Midterm abortions cause breast cancer, psychological problems, and future pregnancy complications.

• Format: Documentary hosted by a self-proclaimed “pro-choice woman” searching for the truth about abortion and its effects (101 minutes)

• Recommended Use: Watch with your teen and peers.

• View trailer and rent or buy film https://projektor.com/u/mightymotionpictures/hushfilm

• Order DVD on HUSH website

The Cardinal

By Henry Morton Robinson

• Principle: As Catholics, we follow the teachings of Christ and His Church, no matter the cost to ourselves.

• Format: Historical fiction novel about an American priest in the mid 20th century who lives his ministry with fidelity amidst serious challenges regarding contraception, abortion, and sexual morality, among other things (560 pages)

• Recommended Use: Give as a gift to your ~16 year old.

• Order paperback at www.amazon.com/Cardinal-Henry-Morton-Robinson/dp/146830335X 

Sexual Wisdom for Catholic Adolescents

By Richard Wetzel, MD

• Principle: The Catholic Church has a healthy obsession with Jesus Christ, any sexual activity or attitude which does not draw us to Him is disordered.

• Format: A home-based, comprehensive course with 18 chapters and final True/False test and certificate of completion.

• Recommended Use: Parent and child read aloud every other paragraph with your post-puberty teen, after having gone through PUREly YOU and Theology of the Body for Teens. Aim for completing 2 chapters a week, in order to complete the course in 9 weeks (the equivalent of 1 Quarter of school, or a Summer session).

• Order paperback at https://www.amazon.com/Sexual-Wisdom-Catholic-Adolescents-Richard/dp/0979540216 

Silent Scream

• Principle: Fetuses feel pain during suction abortion

• Format: Documentary narrated by former abortionist Dr. Bernard Nathanson depicting a first trimester abortion viewed through sonogram (28 minutes)

• Recommended Use: Watch with teens and adults to clarify exactly what a 1st trimester abortion is (ex: before the March for Life).

• Watch video The Silent Scream Full Length | Abortion Should Be Illegal - YouTube 

Abortion Procedures.

• Principle: Common 2nd trimester abortion (“Dilation and Evacuation”) rips viable babies apart limb by limb

• Format: Former abortionist Dr. Kathi Aultman explains with animation a 2nd trimester abortion (4 minutes)

• Recommended Use: Watch with teens and adults to clarify exactly what a typical 2nd trimester abortion is. Seize teachable moment with current event federal or state level legislation to stop these abortions.

• Watch video on Abortion Procedures’ website www.abortionprocedures.com/ 

“Keeping My Promise to America’s Abortion King”

By Terry Beatley of Hosea Initiative

• Principle: Deceptive strategies were used to dupe voters into supporting legalized abortion

• Format: Video recording of Terry Beatley speaking to a live audience on the deceptive strategies used to legalize abortion in America (54 minutes)

• Recommended Use: Watch with teens studying US Government, Modern American History, and current events as a history lesson and to prepare them for conversing intelligently with ill-informed peers etc.

• Watch the lecture on Family Research Council’s website www.frc.org/events/keeping-my-promise-to-americas-abortion-king 

The Hand of God

By Dr. Bernard Nathanson

• Principle: God’s mercy is bigger than any sin; abortionists are human beings

• Format: A deeply personal autobiography in which a former abortionist reveals his journey from being an atheist and passionate abortion crusader to the pro-life cause and Christianity (202 pages)

• Recommended Use: Parent read individually; give as gift to ~16 year old and up.

• Order book from Regnery Publishing: https://www.regnery.com/9781621570448/the-hand-of-god/ 

Annual National Teens for Life Convention

• Principle: Respect for Life from Conception to Natural Death; The pro-life battle is worth getting trained to fight.

• Format: Workshops, lectures, testimonies and activities led by pro-life leaders for pro-life teens from across the country (2 days)

• Recommended Use: Attend the National Right to Life Convention and register your high schooler under “Teens for Life Registration”.

• Register yourself and your teen http://nrlconvention.com/ 

Annual Pro-Life Summer Camp

• Principle: Get trained and do something about abortion; The pro-life battle needs trained warriors, and it is worth the effort.

• Format: overnight camp for teens to learn from experts, meet like-minded teens, and get motivated to be the pro-life generation (3 days)

• Recommended Use: Send your teen during Summer.

• See info at http://www.prolifecamps.com/

Pro-life Rosary Intentions

By Priests for Life

• Principle: Go to God for healing and reparation of abortion related sins

• Format: Short meditations and abortion directed intentions for each mystery of the Rosary

• Recommended Use: Use during family Rosary, especially in October (Pro-life Month) and during the 40 Days for Life.

• View and Print Joyful, Luminous, Sorrowful, and Glorious texts: https://www.priestsforlife.org/prayers/Rosary.aspx

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