Tough Topics

Programs designed for youth group leaders and parents of teens to provide knowledge of complicated cultural issues and practice in challenging conversations.

A free resource created by concerned parents

"Go down without fear, my son, into the darkness of men's hearts, listen to their cries and bring them forth into the light."
- Michael O'Brien, Elijah in Jerusalem

Recommended Programs

Youth want to know the truth, speak it in love, and they want to be ready.

Discussion of gender identity has grown in pop culture, politics, and academia and is amplified by a cooperative media. The video portion of our Gender Identity Program provides an overview of transgender issues using content from perspectives of biology, social sciences, testimonials, unintended victims, and the Christian response.

Hundreds of thousands of abortions are performed every year in America, but that does not make it ethical, healthy or just. This program helps teens understand and be prepared to discuss abortion from a virtue standpoint with a perspective that guards the interests of the entire family.

The Eugenics movement, upon which Planned Parenthood was founded, was based on a lie that Blacks are unfit to procreate. This program equips teens with facts from the past and present to expose the deceptions permeating Planned Parenthood.

The promotion of homosexual behaviors is nothing new to Hollywood; cinema and lobbyists have endeavored to normalize same-sex relationships for decades. This topic offers guidance to help young people understand and react to their own natural curiosity and arms them with tools to discuss same sex attraction and marriage in a charitable way with their peers.

About Us

Tough Topics (T2) started as a youth group activity at a parish in McLean, Virginia. The program was developed by a team of parents, directors of youth ministry, and others under the spiritual guidance of the pastor. It has been used in homes by families and as a youth group activity.

“... and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God.”
- Micah 6:8